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Our Approach

Where every day is an adventure and every moment creates a memory


Little Laura’s is a home from home where children feel safe and secure. This is a place where siblings can come together and children across the entire age range can learn from one another.
We are proud of our beautiful rural setting and make the most of the outdoor environment. At Little Laura’s children are allowed to be children. They are constantly learning through exploration and play, supported by sensitive and knowledgeable adults.
Our children are respected for who they are and supported to grow into independent and resilient individuals.
Little Laura’s is an extended family, embracing children, their parents and carers, our friends, neighbours and the wider community.

Communication and Language

At Little Laura’s we believe communication and language is the foundation for Literacy. Through our gentle approach, we give children plenty of opportunity to use communication and language. We use visual aids for all the children, including Makaton and visual timetables. We allow children time to express their feelings and needs through communication, along with giving them plenty of opportunities to develop confidence when communicating with others.

Physical Development

We use  large and small scale climbing apparatus including plenty of outdoor exercise. The children will gain from musical movement, games and ballet to promote their gross motor control, co-ordination and spatial awareness.  Throughout the day the children have plenty of opportunity to use their fine motor skills too, this helps build the muscles in their hands getting ready to learn how to hold a pen properly.

Personal, social and emotional development

At Little Laura’s we create a family atmosphere for all children. We encourage children to manage their feelings and behaviours through clear routines, discussions and support when expressing themselves. We work together as a team as positive role models to develop independent and resilient individuals.


We aim to provide the children with opportunities to communicate competently. Our welcoming reading corner will provide an area where they can immerse themselves in books. We have a wide range of writing materials available across all areas both inside and out.  This will encourage them to acknowledge our classroom filled with words, pictures and labels, helping them to recognise words and begin to read. At snack time the children self register recognising their name ready for school.


Mathematics is embedded throughout the nursery from counting the children at circle time, sharing out snack, baking regularly to digging in the mud kitchen. Children will often be heard using mathematical language in play or discussions with everyone.

Understanding the World

We have created an open ended environment where children can ask questions, explore and begin to understand the world around them. We give the children the chance to embrace many cultural beliefs along with the opportunity for natural curiosity and interest of the outdoors. Our large outdoor area and daily outings into the wider community give the children a better understanding for the future.

Expressive arts and design

We provide the children with a range of free choice opportunities to express themselves, whether it is during dancing, singing or creating their own masterpieces. Role play is a huge part of nursery and the children learning about themselves through acting out real life experiences or imaginary play.

Laura & Richard Attfield

Little Laura’s Nursery was set up in April 2010 by Laura Attfield who believed a nursery offering ‘home from home’ was needed.   Little Laura’s is a unique nursery that offers children aged 12 months 5 years the independent freedom that they require to develop and grow. Little Laura’s believes in children exploring their own world at their own pace with the guidance of adults through creativity, free play and experimentation with outside play being central to their learning experience.

Laura is a now a mother herself with three children, with her ethos at the nursery carrying on through her home life.  Laura gives her children plenty of opportunities to be independent, exploring their interests through free play, whilst ensuring everyday they have time outside no matter the weather.
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