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Find a few helpful questions below

  • What happens when I register?
  • What happens at the settling-in session?
  • How long will it take for my child to settle at nursery?
  • What do I need to bring to nursery each day?
  • Do you offer term time only places?
  • What happens if I collect my child late?
What happens when I register?

Once we have received your registration form and payment, we will contact you to inform you that you have been added to our waiting list.  Once a place is available we will call you to discuss if you wish the place.  The administration forms will be emailed to you for you to fill in and return.  A deposit of £100 within a week of receiving the forms is required.  We will then discuss settling-in session and start date with you.

What happens at the settling-in session?

Intially we arrange an induction chat with you 4 – 6 weeks before your child starts.  We try to find out as much information about your child and your family as possible before they start.  This will include routines, development, communication, current interests and important people/ animals in their life.

We realise this can be an emotional time for a family when leaving their child at nursery for the first time and settling in helps us join together to give your child the best possible start. After the induction chat, we usually suggest two or three sessions depending on how we both feel your child will settle based on our discussion. The first settling in session is approximately an hour and we ask that you stay with your child and get to know their Key Person. Your child is able to explore the nursery whilst they still have you close by and you are able to ask any questions you may have. The settling in sessions to follow are planned so that you drop off your child, staying in our office for the first few minutes after your child has been supported by their Key Person to say goodbye, then we do not mind if you wish to pop into town for a coffee and we will call if they become distressed. As every child is individual, we can add more settling sessions if needed.

How long will it take for my child to settle at nursery?

Each child is unique and at Little Laura’s, we take the time to get to know each individual and their family. With our supportive caring Practitioners who hope to make your child’s transition in to Little Laura’s as smooth as possible, the settling in period can range from settling in straight away whilst others can take a few days longer. During this time, we will reassure you by uploading photographs to your child’s online learning journal, giving you a courtesy phone call and sharing with you what your child has been up to during their time with us.  We are very happy for parents to call and check their child has settled if there are a few tears on saying goodbye.

What do I need to bring to nursery each day?

Your child will sit down to a delicious home cooked lunch prepared by our chef Sophie. We provide oat cakes or ryvita’s at snack time, drinks, sun cream and wipes all provided for your child’s nursery day. With our emphasis on going outdoors in all weathers we also provide waterproofs for all children, we also supply sun hats during the hotter months.

To help your children relax and fully experience our home from home environment we ask you to bring the following:

  • A clearly labelled bag with spare clothes to stay at nursery.
  • Two pieces of fruit at the start of your child’s first session per week
  • Nappies
  • Wellies
  • Slippers
  • A warm coat and additional layers including winter hat, snood and gloves
  • Sun cream is required to be applied at home before your child’s nursery day.
  • A named comforter or teddy to help settle your child
Do you offer term time only places?

Yes, we offer both term time (39 weeks) places and all year (50 weeks) places. Those children who are on the term time contract can book in for holiday sessions where there is availability and a holiday club booking form will be emailed out in advance.

What happens if I collect my child late?

We understand that there are times when there are events out of your control that may affect you collecting your child on time. We will use our discretion for a one-off late collection. For late collections parents will incur a charge of £15 for every 15 minutes as this usually requires asking Practitioners to stay longer and change their plans.



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